Responsible Investment

Our approach

Responsible investment is embedded in every aspect of how we operate as a business and how we manage our clients’ capital. We deliver long-term performance and resilience for clients through ESG integration by considering the environmental, social and regulatory risks to, and impacts of, our assets under management. We are committed to measuring the impact of our portfolios, setting ourselves challenging targets for the future and reporting transparently against our achievements.

2021 Responsible Investment Report

Our pathway to net zero carbon

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time and the real estate sector has a transformational role to play in reducing carbon emissions, with 40% of global emissions coming from the built environment. Our roadmap to 2040 gives our clients a clear view of what they can expect from our decarbonisation pathway. We are committed to achieving net zero carbon for landlord emissions, refurbishment emissions and our corporate emissions by 2030. We will expand the scope of our net zero carbon commitment to include occupier emissions from energy and fit-outs in 2040. Orchard Street Investment Management will be one of the leaders in this journey.

Net Zero Carbon Report
Principles for Responsible Investment

We have been a signatory to the PRI since 2018. We submitted our first voluntary report in 2020.

Task force on climate related financial disclosures

We are supporters of TCFD and completed our second disclosure in line with the Taskforce’s recommendations in our 2021 Responsible Investment report.

Sustainable Development Goals

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have identified eight Goals that we can make a direct contribution to through our core business activities and responsible investment strategy.

Better Building Partnerships

We are a member of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), working together with the UK’s leading property owners and investment managers to improve the sustainability of existing commercial building stock.

Better Building Partnerships Climate Commitment

We are a signatory to the BBP Climate Commitment. The BBP Climate Commitment brings market-leaders together to transform the real estate sector and deliver a net zero carbon building sector with ambitious, transparent and accountable commitments.

Race to Zero

We support the UN Race to Zero as members of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative as part of our commitment to a net zero carbon future and industry collaboration.