Future Focused Responsible Investment

Future focused

Our policy

Our business activities impact a range of stakeholders which include, amongst others, clients, investors, occupiers, employees and the local community around our assets. We recognise our responsibility to all key stakeholders and for this reason, we consider the environmental, social and financial sustainability of assets both now and in the future. In 2017 we formed our Responsible Investment Committee to create and implement our Future Focused Responsible Investment Strategy.

Download our Responsibility Report 2019 (PDF 3.4MB)

Our Responsible Investment Policy provides a clear view to our stakeholders of how we actively manage sustainability risks and opportunities as part of our fiduciary duty to deliver value for our clients and our responsibility as a landlord and developer. It is reviewed annually and approved by the Managing Partner on behalf of the Management Board.

The Policy applies to all business activities carried out on behalf of our clients and our own UK operations including any entities in which we invest, with appropriate disclosure on sustainability issues associated with the management of those investments.

The Policy is implemented through our Future Focused Responsible Investment Strategy that integrates the management of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities throughout our business. 


Orchard Street Investment Management’s Responsible Investment Policy

Orchard Street Investment Management’s Responsible Investment Policy is to enhance the fund and asset performance of our clients’ real estate portfolios whilst positively impacting the communities and environments in which our business operates.

The policy incorporates seven Core Values which frame the strategy and guide our relationships with our people, partners and communities. We have also set eleven public Targets to effectively manage the implementation of the strategy. In order to ensure our portfolios operate in line with our Core Values and Targets, we set and review responsible investment objectives for every asset at Investment Committee level every six months. 

Core Values

  1. Maintain a robust approach to manage material sustainability risks and opportunities
  2. Continue to align our investment management practices with the evolving sustainability requirements of our investors and clients
  3. Ensure our Future Focused Responsible Investment Strategy adds value and report on our performance to investors, clients and other stakeholders
  4. Embed sustainability standards within our acquisitions, development and refurbishment procedures to enhance the long-term value of our clients real estate portfolios
  5. Reduce costs and improve the environmental performance of our clients assets in collaboration with our managing agents and tenants
  6. Communicate and actively promote the sustainability attributes of our clients assets and portfolios to potential occupiers and investors
  7. Influence the sustainability standards of our supply chain




  1. Implement a comprehensive process to assess, review and manage climate-related risk
  2. Report energy, carbon, water and waste performance data for directly managed assets and head office
  3. Establish an action plan including occupier engagement for carbon reductions and sustainability improvements across the portfolio
  4. Engage with key suppliers to set minimum sustainability standards for direct and indirect procurement
  5. Develop a formal volunteering programme
  6. Establish responsible investment performance objectives for staff
  7. Expand sustainability training programme for staff
  8. Establish a target to reduce portfolio carbon emissions in 2020/21 based on 2019/20 baseline



  1. Assess the feasibility of making five of our highest carbon emitting buildings net zero carbon by 2030
  2. Report in line with TCFD recommendations and assess how the climate emergency will affect company operations and profits
  3. Measure and report the financial, environmental and/or social value generated by our Responsible Investment activities


December 2019