Chris Bartram to retire from Orchard Street Investment Management partnership

26 January 2015

Orchard Street Investment Management LLP announces that Chris Bartram will retire as Chairman, and as a Partner of the firm, at the end of March 2015 although from then on, Chris will take up a new role as an Adviser to the firm in relation to investment and asset management strategies within client portfolios.

Chris was a founding Partner of Orchard Street when it was established in 2004. Over his 11 years as a Partner, Orchard Street has grown from around £800m assets under management at inception, to over £4bn assets under management today.

Reflecting on his experience at Orchard Street, Chris said. “I have been lucky enough to have had a variety of different roles within commercial property during my career, and I have enjoyed all of them. However there is no doubt that the happiest and best of those roles has been at Orchard Street. Starting as a very small group, and working together closely, I believe that we can all be proud of the business we have grown which has established a strong performance track record and industry-wide reputation.”

Philip Gadsden has taken on Chris’s responsibilities and as Managing Partner, commented:

“I first met Chris almost 30 years ago and recognised in him someone with a huge passion for real estate, strong business acumen and importantly, ahead of his time in wanting to create a discretionary fund management business to offer to real estate investors – a service that really didn’t exist at that time. Chris has been an inspiration to many of us in the real estate fund management world and so it was no surprise to me that Orchard Street should become in its relatively short life such a well regarded name in property circles. It was therefore a particular pleasure in 2013, for me to join Chris and the other Orchard Street partners and a real privilege at the start of 2014 for me to take on the leadership of a business that in many people’s eyes had been so closely associated with Chris.”   


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